Nottingham School Board Information

Please note that the School Board email is a group email address delivering your email to all five board members and the Superintendent of SAU 107. It does not include the Nottingham School Principal or school administration. Concerns about individual students should be brought to the teacher or school administration before contacting the school board.

The School Board meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 6:30pm in the Nottingham Library

School Board Members

Susan Levenson, Chairperson, Term expires 2023

Megan Sebasco, Vice Chairperson, Term expires 2024

Karyl Roberts Martin, Term expires 2024

Kathy Brosnan, Term expires 2023

Lori Kilbreth, Term expires 2025


2022/2023 School Board Committee Appointments

School Board Committees:



Teacher Negotiation Committee
         Represents the Board during Teacher Negotiations

Lori Kilbreth, Megan Sebasco, alternate Kathy Brosnan

Paraprofessional Negotiation Committee
         Represents the Board during Paraprofessional Negotiations

Not needed at this time

Facilities Committee Kathy Brosnan, Lori Kilbreth
SAU Transition Committee Susan Levenson, alternate Karyl Martin

Communication Committee

Megan Sebasco, Kathy Brosnan

Policy Reps. 

Susan Levenson, Karyl Martin

Transportation Committee
        Represents the Board on transportation issues/bus stop requests

Karyl Martin, althernate Kathy Brosnan

Building Level Committees:



Emergency Management Committee
         Meets 4 times per year, 1 hour each
         Planning for emergency situations for school/town

Lori Kilbreth

Technology Committee

Megan Sebasco

Health & Wellness Committee

Lori Kilbreth

Other Committees:



CBNA Education Committee Kathy Brosnan, alternate Megan Sebasco

Budget Committee
         Representative to Town Budget Committee
         Presents School Budget-
         Sits as committee member for Town Budget and voting member
         Committee meets quarterly. Biggest Time commitment Jan/Feb

Karyl Martin, alternate Kathy Brosnan

Susan Levenson

NHSBA Delegate
         Attends annual Delegate Assembly (Saturday/October)
         Votes on articles NHSBA will follow and/or push legislatively

Kathy Brosnan, althernate Karyl Martin

Capital Improvement Committee

Megan Sebasco