Grade 6

Sixth graders are officially middle schoolers. Their changing bodies have a great effect on their social connections. Social issues may take on more importance than academic concerns at this age. Nonetheless, Sixth Graders have decent reading and writing skills and are capable of extracting knowledge from what they read. Their brains are still developing, so some students may need help with abstract concepts. Mathematically, sixth graders begin studying ratios and proportions. They have reached a point at which they need to understand how their studies will be useful in their lives. Sixth graders study Earth Science and World History, including ancient civilizations.

As part of the increasing complexity of their literature, sixth graders study more mature concepts. Ancient Egypt and mummification are always popular topics, leading to an “Egypt Museum” to which other students in the school visit. Earth and Space Science are focused on for this grade.

Sixth graders are much more independent and must start to take responsibility for organizing themselves. They change classes for different subjects and use a locker to keep their belongings safe.

Grade 6 Homework Calendar