About Nottingham School

Nottingham School

Nottingham is located about halfway between the seacoast and Concord, New Hampshire. The K-8 school has approximately 500 students, with an additional 200 high school students attending high school in several neighboring towns. A new K-8 school building was completed in 1995 and features large, well-designed classrooms and offices for support staff and administrators, as well as a large gym, a library, music room, and art room.

Nottingham is a productive and vibrant community which supports and expects high standards in education. Parents play an active role in promoting and guiding the education of students in the district. This relationship is an important and identifying characteristic of the community.

The dedicated staff, comprised of over 90 professional and support positions, is the heart of the district's educational effort. The staff endeavors to provide an education that will enable all students to learn to their fullest potential. Staff members serve on committees that help the school function efficiently and encourage better teaching practices.