Grade 8

Eighth Graders are the oldest students in the school. They relish this position and enjoy taking on leadership roles. On Field Day in June, they are the helpers who run all the games for the rest of the school.

In preparation for high school, 8th Grade students are expected to pick topics and do research on their topics. They write and edit quality pieces of work. Eighth graders develop at different rates, but some are ready to tackle Algebra. Math classes are differentiated in the 8th grade more than any other grade. Students study Physical Science and US History.

Eighth Graders are starting to think seriously about what they want to do for a career. This is a great age for them to become involved in community service activities, especially any that will allow them to investigate a potential career. 8th grade students complete a career inventory and project as part of their transition to high school.

Social relationships become a priority to most 8th graders. As much as they claim to want to be unique, they dress and act just like their peers. They are beginning to separate from their parents, so they will push the envelope regarding rules at home and at school.

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