Grade 7 

Seventh graders are well into puberty and observers can see vast differences between the students. Girls are often taller and more mature than boys at this age. Some students are still playing with toys while others are contemplating dating.

Seventh grade is a great time to teach students about constructing an argument and having evidence to back up opinions. Science and Social Studies are “real” subjects with dedicated periods. Students in 7th grade study Life Science and World Geography.

Abstract concepts begin to gel for many 7th graders. Brain development is faster in some students than for others. The differences begin to show up in math classes. Depending on success in 7th Grade math, students may be recommended for Algebra in 8th grade.

Seventh Grade is a critical time to keep a student’s interest. Exploring careers is a good way to help a child see how their education can be used in the world. Books that 7th graders choose have more complex themes. Parents are encouraged to read some of the books that your child is reading so that you can have conversations about the content. As much as 7th graders may seem like they do not want their parents around, they value your opinion very much!

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