Grade 2

For Second Graders, school is routine. Socially, second graders are learning to work cooperatively. Friendship is important to second graders and they learn the power of gaining and losing friends. Second graders solidify their formation of sentences and learn about paragraph structures. They write in journals and record their life events. The stories that second graders read are more advanced, but they still have many pictures to help their comprehension. In Math, second graders master more complex addition and subtraction problems, learning to work with double digit problems.

Parents are great partners in helping students to grow academically. Please feel free to consult with your child’s teacher to find out what topics are being covered as the year progresses.

Help your child understand time using both analog and digital clocks. Teach them to use money and understand the value of different coins and bills.

Read to and with your child. A great technique is to take turns reading paragraphs of a story. Ask questions about what they think is going to happen before you turn the page. Have them tell an alternate ending for a story you have read.

The ability to read is powerful. Together we can give your child the power to have a successful academic future and wonderful career.