Grade 5

Fifth graders are maturing quickly both physically and academically. They use interactive textbooks that resemble those that they will see for the rest of their educational career. In addition to honing their reading and writing skills, they start to learn how to research topics and bring together information from various sources.

In Math, Fifth graders focus on operations with fractions as well as division algorithms. Socially, their personal relationships are beginning to change along with their bodies. In Fifth grade, students study US government and participate in the DARE program from our local police department.

Part of the increasing complexity of literature in fifth grade is due to the subject matter. Students study more intense issues in the world and learn how to address conflict. They have regular visits from the guidance counselor to help them navigate their world.

Encourage your child to read daily by using engaging literature that helps them explore topics deeper. Books, magazines and even websites can be great sources of reading material. Children see their parents as role models, so allow your child to catch you reading!