Grade 4

Fourth Graders are proficient at reading text for meaning and can write decent paragraphs. Socially, they are comfortable working in groups and love projects.

Fourth graders study New Hampshire history and become very aware of their communities as they discuss regions of the state. Mathematically, they continue their study of multiplication and do more advanced division concepts. Fourth graders often love school and are excited about learning as much as they can.

Encourage your child to read. Children will learn well by modeling: if they see their parents reading, they will be more likely to read as well. Expose your children to a variety of materials including books, magazines, newspapers and even websites.

Consult your child’s teacher or NWEA testing report to find out your child’s Lexile score. With this number, you can visit and find examples of books that are at the appropriate reading level for your child. Easy books are great to develop fluency, but children should also choose more difficult books to expand their vocabulary and explore harder concepts