Grade 2 Supply Lists for 2023-2024

Mrs. Behl

  • A pencil box that will be able to fit inside a desk
  • Pencils - Ticonderoga pencils are suggested as they sharpen well and tend to last.
  • Individual pencil sharpener - not electric
  • Crayons
  • Markers - thick or thin
  • One 1-subject notebook
  • Headphones - not the earbud kind
  • Optional: colored pencils

Miss Moore

Hi Families, 
Happy Summer!  I look forward to getting to know everyone throughout the upcoming school year.  Last year I tried something new with supplies and I really liked how it worked.  We will be doing community supplies so everything can be delivered to school before the first day and I can have everything labeled and divided for the first day of school.  Here is a link to the Classroom Amazon Wishlist, if you are able to donate you can use the link to purchase the supplies and they will be delivered right to school.  Some items are things we need like writing tools (i.e. pencils) and they are listed as “high priority”.  There are also some items that are just wishful items and those are listed as “low priority”.  Each child will also need a pencil case and headphones of their own.  
Thank you for your help and generosity,
Amelia Moore

Mrs. Wheeler

  • one hard sided pencil box that will be able to fit inside a desk
  • crayons (no larger than a 24 count box)
  • highlighter
  • wired headphones (not the earbud kind and no gaming headphones)
  • one 1 subject notebook
  • Optional:
    • colored pencils (no bigger than a 12 pack) 
    • markers (thin or thick and no bigger than a 10 pack)
  • Donations: 
    • Viva paper towels (they are the best for picking up spills)
    • Tissues