Grade 1

First grade is the year when students make some of the most amazing progress that they will make in their educational careers. Having mastered the basics behaviors of being in school, first graders are ready to learn literacy principles and to do basic math. Their boundless energy and enthusiasm propels them forward as they realize the power that comes with the ability to read.

Socially, First graders know rules and often will quote them to each other. They are proud to be part of the school community for the entire day, including lunch time. For literacy, the focus is on learning to form words and sentences. The concepts of print are solidified as students understand how books work and what wonderful adventures stories can bring to them.

In math, they master composing and decomposing sums to 20, the basic ground work for all future math. They begin to play with numbers and to make sense of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Parents are great partners in helping students to grow academically. Please feel free to consult with your child’s teacher to find out what topics are being covered as the year progresses.

Read to and with your child. A great technique is to take turns reading paragraphs of a story. Ask questions about what they think is going to happen before you turn the page. Have them tell an alternate ending for a story you have read.

The ability to read is powerful. Together we can give your child the power to have a successful academic future and wonderful career.