Resources and Games

ConnectEd Requirements If you are having problems connecting to ConnectEd, the website for K-5 Reading Wonders, 5-8 Science and Social Studies, check this chart to see if your computer settings are correct.Greg tangwebsite contains

Greg Tang Math Greg Tang's website contains incredibly fun and free math resources.  From his challenging game Kakooma, to all his children's books like "Math Potatoes" and "The Grapes of Math," you and your family will find much to do.  Highly recommended website!

Mobile Apps for Math  These free apps are from the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

Read, Write, Think Games and activity resources for Reading

Merriam-Webster Dictionary In addition to being an on-line dictionary, there are daily puzzles and games for students to enjoy as well as a word of the day.

Lexile This site explains more about the Lexile numbers that your child receives on the NWEA parent report each year.  Parents can search for books at their child's current reading level and interest area.

Math Games with a deck of cards This free resource has 69 pages of math games that can be played with an ordinary deck of cards. Try something different for a family game night!