How Can Parents Help?

parents HelpTeaching methods and technology can make learning very different today than it was when parents were in school.  If you're feeling lost, here are some resources to help you work with your child at home.
Helping Your Child With Homework  A helpful brochure from the US Department of Education
How Parents Can Help Teach Reading   A resource from PBS to give parents tips for early reading strategies
Milestones  Did you ever wonder what your child should know in each grade?  Here are a series of short videos which show you what your child should know and be able to do in Reading, Math and Writing.
Parent Guides   The National PTA has created a series of downloadable guides describing what students show know at each grade level.
How to encourage summer reading
Statewide Assessment System (SAS) Score Interpretation Guide  How to understand the state testing score reports that are sent home in the final report card of the year.
Using Cuisinaire Rods to teach math
Understanding the Next Generation Science Standards

Check out these videos that may help you understand some of the concepts of Math in Focus:

Singapore Math Basics -- Part 1

Singapore Math Basics -- Part 2

What is a bar model?

What are number bonds?

Gr. 3 Bar model problem