PickUp Patrol Information

Join the Pick Up Patrol and make a difference!

Please contact Mr. Hoellrich or Mrs. Schaaff if you need help. 

  • Default Plan - This is a student’s plan for a typical week, 
    • For example: “John rides the Red bus M,T,W,Th and is a car rider on Friday.”
    • If the default plan changes, make the change and also enter a plan change on the first day of the default change. This will flag the change to school staff and bus drivers. 
  • Plan Changes - Anytime something different than the default plan is happening. Enter changes on that particular date before 1:45pm so staff will get the changes in time. The dropdown menu is the most important part of a plan change. 
    • Early Dismissal - Use this any time a student will be leaving before 2:30. 
    • After School Care - This is only the Recreation Department’s After Care program.
    • Buses (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, and Rainbow) - Call the bus company any time a student will be on a new bus as a default. 
      • Plan changes involving the bus should be entered for each day they are applicable. 
    • Car Rider - Anytime someone in a personal vehicle will be picking the student up at dismissal time (2:30).
    • Other - Choose this for any other plan change. This includes sports, clubs, SHARP, band, Wider Horizons, and any other after school activities.
      • This is the ONLY exception to the “other” rule.  If a student is attending an “other” activity and then going to After School Care, please choose  After School Care on the drop down menu, and then explain this in the notes. For instance, “John will attend Coding Club w/ Mrs. Kane and then go to Rec Care when it’s over.”