Mission Statement
"All students deserve the opportunity to learn actively, to experience a sense of belonging, and to achieve academic and social success. To that end, the 
Nottingham community will provide a nurturing environment and the tools necessary to realize these goals."


Are you tired of writing notes every day to keep track of 
where your son or daughter are going after school?  
I know for us, keeping track of all the changes can be difficult.  
So....what do you think of this for our school?  
Stay Tuned, we are conducting a staff trial now!

Pick Up Patrol

More Pick Up Patrol

Volleyball Court Update

Welcome Back!!



Nottingham Kindergarten Information 2018-2019


A Big Thank You to all of the volunteers who came out to help with our Playground Build!!

Thank you Nottingham Playground Builders!

Just for fun!

Nottingham Staff LibDub to our Students