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Program Description

Title 1 is a federal program providing financial aid to school districts throughout the country to support supplementary educational programs for those students who qualify. The allocation of funds for each school district is based on a legislative formula dependent upon the distribution of low income children and state per pupil expenditures. However, Title 1 services in Nottingham are provided to all children at targeted grade levels who qualify as needing assistance in reading/language arts or mathematics regardless of income.

The Nottingham Title 1 Math Tutoring Program is primarily conducted during the regular school day although some after school opportunities are currently being planned for later in the year. Reading support through grade 8 is provided to students throughout the school year supported by the regular school budget. Specialized summer programming in reading is supported by Title 1 funding. Title 1 funds are also used in Nottingham to support reading consultant services and training in both reading and math for staff.

The Title 1 Math Program is targeted to serve eligible students in grades 1-3 with additional services provided to grade 4-6 students. Service is directed to our younger population of students who meet specific selection criteria involving their assessment scores and classroom performance. Focused assessment throughout the school year provides an ongoing record of student progress which enables teachers and Title 1 tutors to tailor instruction to meet the specific individual needs of each child.

Program Benefits

It is our expectation that children who receive Title 1 services will be able to achieve closer to their individual potential resulting in improved basic math and reading skills. Research indicates that students participating in Title 1 make gains in their academic achievement.

Eligibility Requirements

Selection criteria for participation in our Title 1 program includes:

  • Teacher recommendation

  • Classroom performance

  • Assessment scores

  • Title 1 assessments

  • Parental input

  • Other pertinent performance information

Title 1 Staff

Currently, Nottingham’s Title 1 Grant supports one full time math tutor plus a part-time program coordinator. Unfortunately, due to the loss of stimulus funds and a reduction in regular program federal funding, the part time tutor position has been eliminated from the Title 1 program. Our full time tutor is Mrs. Karen Noel who is an experienced N.H. certified elementary teacher who has worked with students at several grade levels. Our part time coordinator’s position is held by Richard A. Jenisch, also a N.H. certified K-8 teacher and administrator with over 42 years of experience in education.

The Title 1 staff looks forward to working within the Nottingham School Community to help students develop self-confidence as learners and to strengthen their proficiency in math.

Parental Involvement

Nottingham School is committed to the involvement of parents in the education of their children. We encourage your help and assistance in a variety of ways:

  • Participation in parent/teacher conference days, parent meetings, open houses, and other information meetings and school events

  • Support your child in the completion of homework and in meeting all their school responsibilities

  • Being involved in all aspects your child’s school experience

  • Volunteering as time permits

  • Being informed regarding school policies and procedures

Permission Forms

A parent must sign a permission form before a child can participate in the Title 1 Program at Nottingham School. The form will include all pertinent information regarding the tutoring offered. Along with this form, parents will be provided a copy of the Parent Involvement Policy and the School’s Learning Compact (see below). Parent must sign and acknowledge that they have read and have accepted Parental Responsibilities as outline in the Learning Compact.


The Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting is held each fall during Open House. The purpose of the meeting is to explain the Title 1 Program, meet with Title 1 staff, and discuss how parents can become involved in their child’s education.

Program Planning and Evaluation

In addition to feedback from the annual parent meeting, a questionnaire/survey is sent home to Title 1 parents seeking input into the program and how participation impacted on their child. The results of that survey will be used to evaluate the total program and to determine what, if any changes should be considered.

Parent Information

A Title 1 newsletter is distributed to Title 1 parents quarterly or more often as necessary to keep parents informed and up to date. Additional notices are sent announcing special parent meetings and trainings. The Nottingham School website contains awealth of information on Title 1 services as well as useful information on how parents can work with their children to improve math and reading skills. Title 1 program policies and procedures are attached to permission forms and to SES correspondence to parents.

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