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Chromebook Initiative

<Text outlining scope and goals.>

Nottingham School is dedicated to the success of all of our students by using both traditional and modern instructional methods. Technology integration in our classrooms is a path to this success. 21st century instruction requires the seamless use of technology by both our students and staff. We have been steadily increasing the number of computers and Chromebooks available for the last three(?) years.

Our overall plan is to assign a dedicated, internet connected device to every student. The initial phase will be to provide a Chromebook to every 7th and 8th grade student that they will use at both school and home. We will also continue the increase in the use of computers in our 6th grade classrooms to better prepare these students for receiving a dedicated Chromebook when they reach 7th grade.

<<<<The integration of a variety of technology tools by both students and staff is a requirement to prepare our students for their future. Currently, our students are using technology to create and publish their work, as well as collaborate and communicate with others. 

Providing students with Google Apps for Education accounts and a Chromebook to use at school and home is another step towards achieving a vision for a 21st century classroom that facilitate learning anywhere and anytime and fosters equitable access for all students.>>>>>

School Technology Policies 

Acceptable Use Policy - Link

The Nottingham School District uses Google Drive. The privacy statement can be accessed via: By signing the acceptable use agreement I am
acknowledging that I have read and understand Google’s privacy statement.

Chromebook Permission Form - Link

Parent and Student 1 to 1 Handbook - Move final to Webmaster account.
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