Class News

S.S. Joly

Social Studies is really fun with Mrs. Joly. In Social Studies we are learning about Native Americans. Our class might play a game about the Revolutionary War on the website called Mrs. Joly also read us a book about the different moons that tribes called them. Social Studies is spectacular!

Pajama Day

I am here to tell you about a special occasion that's going to be happening next week. at Nottingham School. We are going to have a special week. I am going to tell you about one of those special days. The special day is... Pajama Day! Pajama day is a special day because you get to wear pajamas so make sure you wear your pajamas and have a good time on Monday, February 20th! 

Bigger than Huge

When Mrs. Shank was younger, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Mrs. Shank wanted to teach kids how cancer worked. She wrote a book in college called Bigger than Huge. This book is about a girl named Peanut who has huge questions when her mother is diagnosed with cancer. It is a great book and should be read by all.

Making Clay

Hi parents! Have you heard your child talking about what they are making in art class? Well, here's the chance to see what your child is doing! Your child is learning about making a clay animal or things like transportation  or TV characters.

If you would like to know how to make these figures then you've come to the right place. Here's a list of the things you will need:
 - clay
 - a tool to carve clay easily
 - glaze or paint
If you want know more information, ask your fourth grader!


Our class is going on a website called Sumdog. It is a great website and is simple to get to. It's a math website with games. Games give you coins which can be spent on clothing. That's how it's cool and neat.

Sumdog is more than fun. It helps with encouraging the liking for math. It helps math skills of every kind. You can work on certain skills like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. That is Sumdog.

Picture Day

Picture day was a good day. Everyone was looking good. When our pictures were being done separately Crystal and I were playing. I had a fun day. I can't wait to see the photos!

African Drumming

In music class we are learning all about African drumming. It is a really fun subject. We have been learning an African drumming call and welcoming song. It goes like this: dedededlede - gun go do go gun gun go do and you would do that 10 times over. If you want to know more, ask 4th graders. I'm sure they would be happy to show you!

Noah Moved

Noah moved on February 2nd. The whole class did something for him. He got a lot of stuff. I am sad that he left our school. I hope he is happy at his new school and he makes new friends too. Everybody in the class is very sad that he left. This is what we did for him. We took pictures and put the pictures in his book and he got to take his clip and his signs.


I hate being sick. Monday we were missing five people from our class so Mrs. Shank did not do many lessons. Instead we did learning games. I don't like it when we have a small class. 


It's time for the worst time of the year - the NECAP tests. They are so long, so strong, and so bad! They are the most horrible thing in the year. It takes six days or even more. And those are the NECAPs!

Celebrations and Reflections

Celebrations and reflections has a chart. The chart is where if you are in yellow or red for two days, you will have to go to reflections that goes for the whole fourth grade except for the kids who weren't on yellow or red for longer than one day.

Changing the Classroom

We changed the classroom. We have a SMART board. Our desks were facing the whiteboard. Now they are facing the SMART board. I love the new switch.

Crazy Hair Day

Next week on Wednesday, it will be Wacky Hair Day. That's when everyone wears wacky or weird hair. It's going to be on the 22nd. I hope to see some really cool hair. I can't wait.

Mrs. Fuller

Mrs. Fuller usually fills in for Mrs. Shank. We all like her and she likes us. She does stuff a lot like Mrs. Shank. Sometimes she does it differently. She is a fun teacher.

Science Fair

In March the school is having a Science Fair. Last year's winners were Tre', Zach, Maeva, and Maggie. There are several people doing the science fair this year. Last year I did colors, and this year I'm doing cancer.

I saw a lot of cool projects last year. I saw one person who had a project with a frog, a live frog! I saw another person who had paper clips dangling over water but there was a magnet holding them up.

NH Black History

We are learning about black history in New Hampshire. People used to have slaves and slaves weren't happy about that so some of them made a rebellion. We are learning about this in Technology and Music. I'm happy because now there aren't any slaves in New Hampshire.


Mrs. Shank has been out a lot. On February 13th, she gave us a letter to give to our parents. My mom told me that Mrs. Shank has cancer. I was crying. On Tuesday the 14th, she told us all and she said she might loose her hair. The doctors are going to do surgery and chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer.