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Welcome to 7th Grade Math!

 In 7th Grade Math, our new math program, Math in Focus (Singapore Math)) will be used this year.  This program is divided into two hard-cover books. Online Math Textbook


Students are expected to come to class prepared.  This means that they need to bring their textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators and a good attitude.  Students are required to write homework assignments in their agenda books, which the school provides. Also, math homework and project assignments are posted weekly on the school’s website. 


My grading policy is as follow:


Class Work/Homework:  35%

Quizzes:  25% 

Tests & Projects: 40 %


Daily assignments are due the day after they are assigned, unless I specify otherwise.  Students who are absent will have as many days as they were out to complete daily assignments that were assigned during their absence.  Students may hand in late class work/homework assignments for 50% credit.  However, once the unit of study has ended, students will no longer be able to turn in late assignments, and will receive a grade of 0%.


Projects that are handed in late will be marked down 5% for each day they are late. 

Please use the links for details on homework assignments and other useful information.

Should you wish to contact me, please email or phone me at school.

Bonnie Schofield





Math Student Graphic from: "ClickArt Fine Art Images" CD, Broderbund Software