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About Mrs. Schofield

After graduating from high school in Sudbury, Massachusetts, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.  My early teaching experience was at the high school level, teaching science and math in Vermont and science in Massachusetts.  I later became a human resource manager for a manufacturing company in Vermont, and then was a stay-at-home mom for a number of years.

A resident of Nottingham since 1984, my affiliation with Nottingham School began in the fall of 1987 when the oldest of my three daughters entered the first grade.  I have been volunteering or working at the school ever since!

I currently teach seventh and eighth grade math and eighth grade science at Nottingham School.  My New Hampshire teaching certification includes Biology in grades 7-12 and General Science in grades 5-9,  and I am highly qualified to teach Math in grades 5-8.

Should you wish to contact me, please email or phone me at school.

Bonnie Schofield


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