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Social Studies Essentials

for Students



Teaching and learning in the classroom is based on a partnership of trust. You must learn to trust me as your teacher as I trust you. The more positive, trusting, and open-minded our class community is, the more we will all learn and grow as people.


Class Materials

Please have all of the following with you in class: pencils, pens, colored pencils, hand-held sharpener, pencil/pen pouch, white-lined paper, and a folder.



Be sure to keep all of your papers organized neatly in your folder. You will be checked for organization. Be sure to have your homework ready to review or turn in. Do not bury it in your bag!



To receive full points on your assignments, your work must be neat, labeled properly, in full sentences (when asked for by me), written with a complete thought, accurate, and on time.


Grade Information

A+ = 98 100

A = 95 97

A- = 93 94

B+ = 90-92

B = 87 89

B- = 85 86

C+ = 82 84

C = 79 81

C- = 77 78

D+ = 74 76

D = 72 73

D- = 70 71

E = 69 or below


Class Rules

1. Arrive on time and be in your seat.

2. Stay seated in assigned seat.

3. Focus on schoolwork.

4. Participate respectfully.









L. Polzin, 2014 - 2015