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What is Social Studies and Why Study It?


Social Studies is an academic subject made up of 6 categories: history, economics, geography, culture, and civics. Each of these parts is equally important. We will approach each of these aspects of Social Studies thematically. Social Studies is not all about memorizing facts and dates. It is about studying true stories and learning ideas. When we look at a specific time period in a specific place, we will study the people and their worlds around them. We will focus on how different choices affect the events that unfold and what that could mean for the future.


Social Studies



So why study social studies? Good question. Here are several reasons:


1.     History: Social Studies helps us understand the past so that we can make better decisions in the future.


2.    Culture: Social Studies helps us understand people so we can empathize with them better.


3.    Government: Social Studies helps us understand how societies are structured and organized.


4.    Economics: Social Studies helps us understand the way goods and services are produced and exchanged.


5.    Geography: Social Studies helps us understand land and environmental issues.


6.    Civics: Social Studies helps us become responsible local, national, and global citizens.



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