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Helpful Links

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Geography Map Links - Try these links for map practice.


Salem Witch Trials and the Lessons Learned about Government


The French and Indian War


The Boston Massacre


The Battles of Lexington and Concord


The Cherokees and Their Disappearance


The Iroquois and Their Legacy


The Disparity between Slaves and Owners on a Plantation


General Colonial History Sites:


Civil Rights

History Channel website - a list of resources to check out

This site is a joint project of AARP, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (LCCR), and the Library of Congress - much information on all rights - use their search engine

Library of Congress overview of civil rights

Yale University timeline of civil rights

national park Service - places of civil rights importance

Library of America site on civil rights journalism

commercial site with a list of major civil rights laws

Multnomah County OR, many civil rights links


African American Rights

a collection of links about the civil rights unit

civil rights museum permanent exhibits collection

American Civil Liberties Union website - general and specific info on racial justice

a PBS timeline of African American rights

PBS kids - Little Rock Central High School and school desegregation

Life magazine slide show on African American civil rights

Thinkquest site on African American civil rights history

Smithsonian site on African American history and culture


Asian American Rights

an website created by an academic writer and speaker on Asian American rights

a list of resources on Asian American rights

PBS - primary sources on the Chinese experience

PBS - timeline of the Chinese experience

PBS - Japanese internment history

A commercial site focused on Japanese internment history

Washington State University - overview of Japanese American history


Women's Rights

a timeline of women's rights

American Civil Liberties Union website - general and specific info on women's rights

PBS site featuring Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

PBS for kids on women's right to vote

Library of Congress site - pictures and info

Library of Congress timeline of women's rights

Women's International Center history of women's rights overview

The History Channel - The History of Women's Suffrage


American Indian Rights

Library of Congress - primary documents in American history

Mr. Dunn Commercial site on Native American history

Mr. Dunn Commercial site on Trail of Tears

George Mason University - Trail of Tears

PBS - Trail of Tears info plus interactive map

Cherokee Nation info on Trail of Tears

American Indian Movement - an overview

PBS - current American Indian challenges

History Channel - history of Native Americans

History of Native American currency  - commercial site

Recommended by student researchers!  : )


Latino Rights

Tolerance Org - timeline of Latino rights

PBS - a Supreme Court case involving Latino rights

UCLA - Cesar Chavez info

PBS - Cesar Chavez info's_Invisible_Population

Extension Org - info on migrant farm workers

Food First Org - the story of migrant farm workers






Environments in Africa



Link to Sahara Desert on website:

(Cut and paste this address into your browser) -



1.  Website: Smithsonian National Zoological Park for info on animals of the savanna. You can google search this park, then do a search for “African Savanna” and click on the link for “African Savanna” and the information will be listed on that page.


2.  Website: for info on animals, people, and trees of the savanna. Go to and search for “Serengeti.” Then select the first research link about the Serengeti Park.


3.  Website: Swahili Language and Culture, listed under “Other Resources,” then “Tanzania Links,” and then “Serengeti.” The info on this link is originally from a Tanzanian tourism organization and includes information on climate, land forms, animals, and vegetation of the Serengeti:





The following websites will help you complete your information on Mount Kilimanjaro.

1.  Website:  Information found when you search for “Mount Kilimanjaro.” It is the second link under search results.


2.  Website:  Research article on Mt. Kilimanjaro from a website database called “high beam.” Only part of the article is visible without a subscription to the site, however, there is much information in the portion of the article that is displayed.





The following websites will help you complete your information on rainforests.

1.  Website:    Information found when you search for “rainforest.” It is the first link under search results.


2.  Website:  Research website on rainforests. There is a lot of information contained on this site.












We do have regular homework in grade seven and grade eight. On most nights, each subject should average between 10-30 minutes. Occasionally there will be no homework, and sometimes your child will have an opportunity to finish his or her homework in school. The purpose of homework is two-fold: to reinforce what we have learned in class and to teach responsibility. If an unusual circumstance prevents your child from doing his or her homework (sickness, injury, or other serious problem), please send a note with your child when back at school, so that he or she can be excused. If social studies homework takes longer than 30 minutes, please be sure to note where your child worked for 30 minutes and then sign the homework in that spot. Homework is due on the day and date listed above.



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