Nottingham School District Goals

established by the Nottingham School Board along with the school and SAU Administration 2017

Academic Goals:

District Goal: The Nottingham School District provides services and programming designed to meet the needs of each student.  The district will create an environment where students become independent learners and develop critical thinking skills. Students will demonstrate growth annually.

  1. Full day Kindergarten will be implemented at Nottingham School.

  2. All students will demonstrate academic growth annually on state and local standardized and normed assessments (such as the NWEA, NHSAS, NH Science Assessment, etc) therefore raising the percentage of students scoring at levels 3 and 4 (proficient and proficient with distinction) on State and District assessments, and lowering the percentage that fall in categories 1 and 2. (Substantially below  and partially proficient).

  3. Commission a demographic study on population and enrollment projections and subsequent building needs using impact fees.

  4. Implement a World Language Program.

  5. The Nottingham School will implement an enrichment program.

  6. Continue to develop age appropriate executive functioning skills in students.

  7. Develop and implement a campaign to combat summer slide.

  8. Research, understand, and assess implementation of competency-based instruction and assessments.

Assessment and Reporting Goal:

District Goal: Consistently report (monthly) measures of performance to the Board on student achievement as well as the effectiveness of district programs.

  1. Conduct Regular Student Data monitoring and reporting

Facility Goals:

District Goal: The School District will continue to make efficient use of capital resources to maintain the school and grounds for the benefit of students and the community; to ensure safety and timely maintenance and to create space to support necessary programs.

  1. Create more space to support desired programming and academic goals.

  2. Complete the playground/field area.

  3. Improve the CIP process and ensure sufficient amounts of money are placed in the report to support maintenance and repair of aging buildings and systems.

  4. Ensure the Building Maintenance Capital Reserve Fund is appropriately funded.

  5. Use impact fees as needed to support  initiatives related to increased student enrollment.

Communication Goals:

District Goal:  To have a communication plan to maintain positive relationships between the board, the administration, school staff and community.

  1. Maintain an active Communications Committee.

  2. Maintain communication between the school board and administration as well as the school staff.

  3. Maintain communication between the school board and the community regarding district goals and achievements.

Additional Goals centered around Business Practices, and School Culture, Health, and Safety have been drafted and are currently under review.