2016 Science Fair

2016 Science Fair Success


“Do you want to know more about barn owls?”  “Are you ticklish?”  “Is studying really worth while?”  These questions and many more filled the Nottingham School gymnasium during the Science Fair on Thursday, March 17th.   It was huge success because of the hard work of the volunteers, judges, parents, and participants!  There were over 115 students from grades K- 8 that researched, designed, and created projects and displays for the event.   All participants stood with pride by their project at some point during the school day as classes, teachers, and staff walked through and asked questions about the projects. 


Later in the afternoon, the Science Fair projects were “evaluated” by 37 volunteer judges.  Students in grades K – 2 received written comments from the judges, whereas the students in grades 3 – 8 received written comments after being interviewed by judge team of up to 6 judges.  After conferring with each other, the judges then determined 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for each grade 3 – 8.  Each Science Fair entrant was awarded a rosette and a certificate for participating in the event. Place winners in grades 3 – 8 also received medals.  The judges were pleasantly surprised and amazed at the quality of the projects in all grades.  Here is the list of winners with the project titles:

Third Grade

1st place:   “Fabulous Foam”  by Natalie Fernald

2nd place:   “Measuring Windmill Energy”  by Quinn Froburg

3rd place:   “Solar Eclipses”  by  Cassidy Green

 Fourth Grade

1st place:   (tie)  “Save the Apples”   by Johnny Zhang     and   “Which Candy is the Most Acidic?”   by Claire Burbank

2nd place:    “The Trees in My Backyard”  by Eva Rose

3rd place:  “Baking Powder Takes the Cake?”   by  Jayden Porter

Fifth Grade

1st place:   “How Different Colored Clothing Absorbs Light”  by Lucy Ewing

2nd place:    “How to Make Valentine’s Month”  by Sam Howe

3rd place:    “Banishing Bacteria” by Sierra McGahey

Honorable Mention:

Remarkable Research- “Modeling Different Rock Types With Play Dough”  by Gwyneth Glaser

Most Original –  “Which is Better?”   by Annabelle Shepard

Sixth Grade

1st place:     “What’s that Smell?”  by partners Emilie Buchanan and Sarah Rose

2nd place:     “Wanna Know Your Reaction Time?”  by partners  Nick Principato and Evan Mendonca

3rd place:    “Heart rates”   by    partners Laney Arcieri-Rowe and Kaitlyn Miller

Seventh & Eighth Grade—combined for judging

1st place :   “How Pollution in Soil Affects Plant Growth”  by Molly Ewing

2nd place:   “Does Different Temperature Water Affect Plant’s Growth?”   by Hazel Dellario

3rd place:      (tie)  “ Endothermic versus Exothermic”    by Corinne Fernald

“ How Will Water of Different Sources Affect Plant Growth?”  by partners  Ava Burbank and Olivia Kreps

Honorable Mention:

Best Oral Presentation –   “Do You Remember?”  by partners  Ally Wheeler and Sierra Castonguay

Thank you again to all the volunteer judges for supplying the participants with some great comments and advice.  Thank you also to the parents and community members who supported these students by attending the evening Public Exhibit and Awards Ceremony.  Thanks to our sponsors this year and all community members who donated financial support.  And lastly, thank you to the Science Fair Committee and other volunteers who helped make the event a success.  If you, as a parent or a community member, have any feedback or criticism to help improve the Fair in future years or would like to be involved in some way, please email Ellen Lapiejko at elapiejko@nottingham.k12.nh.us.   We are very proud of these Nottingham Science Fair participants and hope that more students will be encouraged to participate in a future Science Fair.